Genetic Testing

Confirmatory genetic testing may be appropriate for anyone with a suspected LC-FAOD diagnosis1


LC-FAOD is very rare; there are only an estimated 10-15 births per year with a confirmed diagnosis in Canada.1,2 There is an estimated prevalence of 1 in 100,000 in Canada.3-5*

Onset of LC-FAOD symptoms typically occurs during the neonatal period and infancy. However, some patients with slower disease progression may NOT be diagnosed or diagnosed at a later age.6,7

Confirmatory genetic testing may be appropriate for anyone with a suspected LC-FAOD diagnosis based on clinical symptoms, laboratory findings, or a combination of both.8

Screening of genes involved in LC-FAODACADVL, CPT1A, CPT2, HADHA, HADHB, and SLC25A20—are commercially available. Certain LC-FAOD types may require additional mutational analysis.9

*LC-FAOD is a rare disease with limited epidemiological data; therefore, estimates provided here are based on internal data and market research.

Learn more about a program offering no-charge genetic testing to eligible patients suspected of having an LC-FAOD.


Turnaround times are estimates only and may vary based on testing facility.


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